What Motivates Me To Blog

Question The Narrative

The media loves to feed us a narrative that feeds their agenda and I love to shift thru the hidden language and find the truth.  Let’s talk about it.

Share Perspectives

Unable or refusing to see another’s perspective is literally destroying our society.  Walking in another’s shoes for just one mile could open our eyes to a whole other world.  Let’s share with each other.

Provoke Thought

I question everything. In doing so I also research those questions. I want to pass on the information I find and hope it kicks in the same for you.
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The Opioid Crisis. The Solution Is Black & White

I may be crazy….I don’t think so….but I might be. But has anyone else noticed the stark difference with the handling of the current “Opioid Crisis” in America vs other drug problems? Now I remember the Crack and Cocaine epidemic that hit the country. (Thanks Reagan & Clintons) Was this problem treated like some sort […]

Inmates Running The Prison

Houston Texans’ owner, Bob Mcnair, recently made a statement “we can’t have inmates running the prison” in reference to the recent protests in the NFL.  People heard this and, once again, jumped out the window with this fake anger and outrage.  I guess people are very offended with being called inmates but my question is […]

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