What Motivates Me To Blog

Question The Narrative

The media loves to feed us a narrative that feeds their agenda and I love to shift thru the hidden language and find the truth.  Let’s talk about it.

Share Perspectives

Unable or refusing to see another’s perspective is literally destroying our society.  Walking in another’s shoes for just one mile could open our eyes to a whole other world.  Let’s share with each other.

Provoke Thought

I question everything. In doing so I also research those questions. I want to pass on the information I find and hope it kicks in the same for you.
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O’er the Land of The Free and The Hoooome Of The Slaaaaave

First off, the Star Spangled Banner was a poem that was written by Francis Scott Key.  A poem, not a song.  The poem didn’t become the “National Anthem” until 1931.  That’s 117 years AFTER it was written in 1814.  117 years later.  I really want to stress that point of 117 years for one purpose.  […]

Christopher Columbus Day — America’s Biggest Lie

How is this still a thing?  I mean, seriously?  How has “The Greatest Country” complicit in celebrating a murdering rapist coward like Christopher Columbus?  You’d be hard pressed to argue the pathology of racism and white supremacy being this decision.  I remember getting in trouble in every grade because I would constantly challenge this notion. […]

Quote – Theodore Kaczynski

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