Between A Golden Gate and A Hard-Place

This story is personal to me because my friend knows Anthony Denson of Golden Gate, Florida.  First, take a second to click this line and read the brief article detailing his interaction with the police.  Notice the language they use.  Now, if you’ve read it, what image do you have of this man?  I already know.  You think animal.  Even though the story doesn’t logically make any sense, the scene is already set up before you get both sides.  Let’s break it down a little though.  First a member of the GANG TASKFORCE stopped him because of a seatbelt.  Hmm, why is an officer on gang patrol pulling someone over for a seatbelt?  Anyway, he says he doesn’t have his identification on him but the officer keeps insisting that he check the glovebox.  Why?  He says he doesn’t have it and its not his car that he’s driving.  Then some kind of argument ensues with Anthony refusing to move.  Now this is the part that really doesn’t make any sense.  A man who refuses to move because he fears he’ll be shot, then gets out of the car and punches a police officer in the face.  So, we’re to believe that in one instance he’s afraid and the next he’s Mike Tyson.  Fine, a “struggle” occurs and he gets taken down and while he’s down he starts growling, shaking, and grinding his teeth?  And to top it off….the media throws in their favorite label to put on black men in the public eye….GOOD OL BLACK LIVES MATTER.  They really checked all the boxes with this story.

My point is this.  EVEN IF, everything in this story is true, and that’s a huge IF….why would they run the story in this manner?  You’ve (the media) essentially made this man guilty before both sides come out.  If you live here and read this story you’re immediately thinking this man is either on drugs or a raving lunatic.  This junk right here are why so many black men are encouraged to take a plea deal instead of going to trial.  This story makes no logical sense but if I were in his shoes, I’d be terrified to have a jury trial.  The portrayal of black people, especially black men, in the media has had a globally devastating effect and it continues daily.  Like I wrote before, white folks always get benefit of the doubt even when they commit mass murder (he was disturbed, had a terrible upbringing, trouble at home).  It’s so f*ed up that the media is completely on the same page when it comes to painting and sending out a narrative on people of color.  Oh, and quit throwing BLACK LIVES MATTER in every story you run!  Man this junk really burns me up.

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2 thoughts on “Between A Golden Gate and A Hard-Place

  1. Thank you for your fair and honest assessment of the story! My husband maintains his innocence regardless of what the media has directed others to perceive as truth. I hope that more people will read this and take into account the inherent bias that exists against people of color. With this sort of “built-in” dynamic between law enforcement and civilians, it demonstrates that the burden of proof ALWAYS falls on the civilians when it comes to encounters where no other evidence is available besides the officer’s report! I happened to be on scene after the arrest to retrieve the vehicle and spoke with the arresting officer who detailed to me a MUCH softer account of what happened. He provided me with vital details about the incident that were NOT included in the police report! I’m glad you addressed the issue of people being afraid to try cases like these! The fear is very real, especially the fear of continued harassment even if the case is won! With people like you and others in the community who regard the truth highly, we have decided to pursue truth at the highest level and will go to trial to insist that my husband’s name is cleared! #Justice4Jr

    God Bless!

    1. Thank you Tiffany. I’m glad you liked the post. I couldn’t believe what was written about your husband as I read the article. And I know that this country is a “headline” society. Meaning people read the headlines and form an opinion off of that. In no way shape or form did the story make any bit of sense to me. I hope he fights it til the end and gets the justice that is due. You definitely have people in your corner because I’ve showed several people the article that was published and its pretty much unanimous on how ridiculous the whole situation is. I know you guys are probably furious at the police department but that paper down that wrote and released the story in the manner they did is absolutely sickening. Anyway, I’m rooting for you guys and if I can do anything, please reach out.

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