Black And Blue

Good morning my people.  Welcome to my very first #blog post.  Yay!  Well, let’s get into it.
Although this applies to all, this particular topic is more geared towards my black and brown brothers and sisters.  Why are we absolutely enraged when #police enact their “Blue Wall” in the aftermath of these tragedies?  For those who don’t know what that is, its when the Good Cops don’t step up and say anything against the bad after they’ve committed an injustice of some kind.  We as a community gather in the streets, file complaints, etc but….. Isn’t the “Blue Wall” code the same thing as our “No Snitching” code we use?   Think about this for a second, just like they protect pieces of s**t on the force when they shouldn’t, we protect pieces of s**t in our neighborhood.  But why though?  What’s the difference between the two?  How is one deplorable in our eyes but the other is completely acceptable?  Furthermore, just like we group all #cops as scumbags when they refuse to step up, how do you think they’re looking at us when we do it.  Let’s say you know someone that has shot, robbed, or raped someone in your neighborhood.  The police come and question you about the crime and you refuse to step up.  Haven’t you just lowered yourself to the same level as the person that did the crime itself?  Protecting bad people is protecting bad people no matter how you look at it.

Remember, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

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14 thoughts on “Black And Blue

  1. I never even thought of this from this prospective … youre off to a great start!

  2. Very true..our lives will matter to them when they start mattering to us

  3. Wow! Very well said! I love the perspective you approached! There is fear in snitching for sure. Afraid that the one committing the crime will come back on you for saying anything. Resembling a bit of a bully on either side! Love it!!!! I’m excited to hear more thoughts.

    1. I agree that there is a fear. But that’s only because nobody good will step up. The good folks outnumber the bad ones by a huge margin. If the good folks would oust the people who cant do right, we really wouldn’t have to worry about it. But that logic can be applied to almost anything. For some reason, the evil have way more influence that the good. So backwards.

  4. Love it and love that you have made a platform for others to hear see and learn. Awesome job fam!!

  5. Thrilled that you are tackling social issues in this forum, so congratulations on new beginnings. Part of the problem is humanity keeps on repeating the same mistakes; we seem to not learn from historical pitfalls. The question I have is; why do we choose not to learn from previously traveled roads? Some of my thoughts that are culprits:
    1) Relationships are so fragmented for a variety of reasons, which lead to more chaos & misunderstanding.
    2) We choose not to stop and listen to the other persons vantage point because we answer for them…all of these things lead us to where we are today and tomorrow..divided, separated, “out for myself”, “that’s their problem”, “as long as it doesn’t come to my front door”, “I can do it myself”, etc, etc…do these sound familiar? As a result of he afore-mentioned, hence the title of your blog sir!

    1. First of all, thank you. And you’re absolutely right. In a lot of cases in our community, we pass down bad habits. Mostly out of tradition. We do the same thing with politics and other social issues. And it really is sad how much has changed in the last 25 years or so. I remember being little and everyone in the neighborhood knew and played with each other. Now, you can live next to someone for decades and never know their name. But to keep control on a society, keeping people divided is #1 on the list. We’ve done a great job of buying into the nonsense that we’re fed from them.

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