Black On Black Crime

Did anybody happen to witness the ambush of Dr. Umar Johnson on the Roland Martin Show this week?  If not, check it out here real quick.  After I watched the interview, I found myself thoroughly confused, and angry, but mostly confused.  Roland Martin invited Dr. Umar on his show, not to talk about black progress, not to talk about his work in the community, not to talk about his work in childhood education.  NOOO, he brought him on to challenge him on his credentials.  Dr. Johnson is one of the top scholars IN THE WORLD right now.  Now I don’t agree with everything he says but he’s one of the few trying to put action in our community to turn things around instead of just words.  Rowland, why would you use your platform to tear down one of our own?  This fool attacked Umar on his claim of being a blood relative of Frederick Douglass.  Even had a statement from the family that he read and tried to confuse people.  He attacked him on his stance on interracial marriage.  You don’t have to agree but the judgment coming from the host of a show?!?  He attacked him about wanting to open an independent school vs a charter school.  I mean, it was absolutely infuriating as a viewer.  To top it off, he had a panel of three white folks wearing black-face, as backup.  Their “chime-ins” during the interview was even more ridiculous than Rowlands.  You have to watch the clip to really get what I’m talking about.  One guy, the one on the far right, is the definition of a house ni**a.  You can just tell he loves his massah.  Why in the entire world would you bring this man on your show to just tear him down?  What was the objective?  What other race of people do this besides us?  I mean, you have a modern day Malcolm X on your show and you give us this?  You sir, Rowland Martin are an asshole for this one.  When are we going to stop this public bashing of those that should be honored and protected?  I get the roasting of people like Blac Chyna and Rob K.  Those idiots deserve it.  But a man who’s making his life’s work trying to make things better for us?……… Like I said, Rowland, you’re an asshole for this one “brotha”.

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