A Mile With Regina

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Affectionately known in the streets as “Ma”, Miss Regina Waller was born August 1st 1958 in 3rd Ward Houston Texas.  She says her upbringing was very normal.  There were 9 total kids in which she was number four or five.  I say it that way because she had a twin brother that died at birth. […]

Blue Lives White Privilege

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Perception VS Facts False narratives are just about as American as Apple Pie in this country.  If you’ve done any bit of research of the past societies then you know that propaganda is a major piece of keeping control of a people.  To effectively instill “divide & conquer” tactics, one has to paint one group […]

White People… Please Accept Our Apology

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I’ve always asked myself, what are {some} white people so mad at us ?  By us, I mean everyone but white people.  I’ve talked to white people, Black people, old people, and young people.  I’ve tried to get an understanding but I just couldn’t.  That is until recently.  I GOT IT!  I finally figured it […]

Green Cards For Sale

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So the Federal Prosecutors are (finally) looking into the Kushner’s for their dealings with China.  Kushner is Donald Trump’s senior adviser as well as son in law.  His company, Kushner Properties, has been flying back and forth overseas meeting with wealthy foreign “investors” and basically pitching them to invest their money in American properties. Two […]