Blue Lives White Privilege

Perception VS Facts

False narratives are just about as American as Apple Pie in this country.  If you've done any bit of research of the past societies then you know that propaganda is a major piece of keeping control of a people.  To effectively instill "divide & conquer" tactics, one has to paint one group as up and the other group better, somehow.  The media, mixed in with our own ignorance's, keep this machine running without much of a hitch.

Look at the collages above.  All these people have one crime in common.  Try to guess...... As of the end of July 2017, there have been 72 police officers that have died in the line of duty so far.  Some are in car accidents, some have heart-attacks,  and some even drown.  But the majority of the deaths are contributed to violence of some sort at the hands of another.  In the pictures above are suspects who have allegedly shot, stabbed, or beat a police officer to death.  A couple are charged with vehicular homicide too.  But the point is this.  When you hear of a cop being shot in the line of duty, what image comes to you see?  What race is the person?  How old is the person?  Does your perception match the pictures above?  If it doesn't.....ask yourself "Why Not"?

The narrative in this country, especially when it comes to Law Enforcement, is that Black Males are overly aggressive, maniacs, and/or psychopaths.  I mean, you would have to be if you want to shoot a cop after getting pulled over for having a busted taillight.  Only a psychopath would open fire on a cop while your wife and kid is in the car during a simple "traffic stop".  I'm getting off topic so look again at the pictures.

The question I have is this.  Why are police, seemingly, so terrified of black folks.  If the narrative was correct then the board would be filled with faces of color with the fairer skin faces sprinkled in except the other way around.  Again, these pics are from 2017.  Do me a favor and go look back over the last few years and see the people that have killed police officers in the line of duty.  I've done it.  It's simply astonishing what the ACTUAL PICTURE LOOKS LIKE.  The media feeds a narrative to the masses and our own prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and utter ignorance gobble it right up.  Now, I understand that some dumbass people just have to stick their head in the sand when it comes to common sense and facts.  They have to do this to justify the hate brewing inside.  But most of us aren't in the Klan so what's our excuse?  

How come these police officers are in "fear for my life" when encountering one of us?  It just makes no sense because historically, and I don't care what time-frame you chose, there is one group who is overwhelmingly more dangerous to the police than any other.  So why so scared, officer? (Joker's voice)  Just doesn't pass the common sense test.  Oh yeah, if you say to yourself, "I never heard that all these cops were getting killed on duty".  Ask yourself "I wonder why not".  That also doesn't fit the narrative.  It feeds the BS when a black person kills one.  That will be national news.  "THESE DARKIES ARE OUT OF CONTROL".  "BLUE LIVES MATTER".  Ya know, stuff like that.  

They (The powers that be) pump us full of this stupid ish all day long.  Most of it is subconscious but a lot of it is right in your face.  We just don't bother to question the narrative.  Do you?  Why not?  Would you if the shoe was on the other foot?  Of course you would.  The sad par is, unfortunately for some of us in this country, that shoe IS on the other foot.