The Justice System Is Not Broken, It Works Perfectly

So, late last week, another Police Officer was acquitted for shooting an unarmed black man.  Jason Stockley (police officer) shot and killed Anthony Lamar Smith (victim) after he claimed to have witnessed  a drug transaction.  You can watch the video here but I’ll sum it up if you don’t want to.  In a nutshell, Jason Stockley kills Anthony Smith “in self defense”, of course, and then plants a gun in the vehicle.  The District Attorney decides to charge Officer Stockley but, as usual, an acquittal soon followed.
The above is not really the reason for this post.  I’m wanting to address the ones who yell “THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN” every time one of these situations occur.  If you think about it, the system IS NOT broken.  It actually works to perfection each and every time they get an acquittal.  See, most of us are still under the illusion that the Justice System is “Just”.  I mean, how many times are you going to have to get wacked in the head before you get it?  Let’s look at “The System.”
Let’s just skip past slavery.  Because…well you know…we should just get over that.
  • But this is a system that lynched people in the middle of town, in front of large crowds, and nobody batted an eye.
  • A system that locked people up for sitting on the wrong side of the bus.
  • A system that allowed certain members of a community to bomb the churches of other members of the community.  Keyword…Allowed
  • A system that allowed at two grown men to beat a 14 year old kid, named Emmett Till, to death for whistling at a woman.  “Not guilty” was the verdict despite eyewitness testimony during the trial.
  • A system that allowed its officers to sic dogs on and firefighters to unleash the hoses during peaceful protests.
  • A system that was not only complicit in importing tons of crack cocaine into inner city neighborhoods but the masterminds of plan.
  • A system that signed into law to throw people who get caught with Crack Cocaine far longer prison sentences than those who get caught using Powder Cocaine.
  • A system that let a group of officers that beat a man named Rodney King almost to death, on camera, get off “Scott Free”.
  • A system that let a coward named George Zimmerman stalk and murder a child named Trayvon Martin, walk free.
  •  A system that let four CONVICTED RAPISTS get assigned probation by a judge instead of jail time because these rapist have “potential”.  Mind you….Convicted….Found Guilty….Probation
  • A system that has done nothing….and I mean absolutely nothing… to the countless catholic priests who have made a culture and lifestyle of molesting underage children.  Wonder why?
  • A system that turned their heads when Jerry Sandusky (and his son) were banging teenage boys in the shower at Penn State University for nearly 30 years but sent the Federal Government in after Michael Jackson he was accused.
  • A system that didn’t prosecute a man for war crimes after he started a conflict with another country claiming they had “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”.  Over 15 years we’ve been over there now based on a lie.
  • A system that didn’t prosecute any of the major players that were involved in the housing crash a few years back.  You know, all those bankers that committed fraud and destroyed peoples’ lives as a result?  Throw folks like Bernie Madoff in there with them too.
  • And finally, a system that makes billions of dollars a year filling the jails and prisons with black and brown people.  Most are locked up for non-violent offenses at that.  Thousands are only in jail because they can’t afford the bail while they await a court date.  People like Kalief Browder, who was arrested at 16 for allegedly stealing a bookbag.  He spent three years in Rikers Island Penitentiary and almost all of that time was in solitary confinement.  Three years….for a bookbag.  And after all that, the charges were dropped.
I could keep going but you should get the point.  Let’s be clear  The Justice System is not JUST.  It wasn’t designed to be JUST.  It’s no different than any other system in this country.  The Justice System is meant to serve one group and and one group only.  Rich and upper class white men.  That’s it.  Point blank period.  Anybody who doesn’t belong to that group is expendable.  The high number of rape cases toward women that don’t get prosecuted proves that.  The fact that drug use between blacks and whites are virtually identical but blacks disproportionately represent the prison population proves that.   The fact that you can sit in jail for months or years simply because you can’t afford bail proves that.
Look at all the recent protests.  The police aren’t there to protect the peoples’ right to assemble.  They’re there to protect the property of the business owners and corparations.  The Justice System was created for one purpose.  To make rich white men feel safe and to protect rich white men’s property.  That’s it. Women, Blacks, Browns, Gays, Immigrants, and least of all, poor people don’t really stand a chance.  So stop acting surprised and outraged every time the system does what it was designed to do. It’s not broken.  In 2017, it’s actually working better than it ever has.


2 thoughts on “The Justice System Is Not Broken, It Works Perfectly

  1. If there’s anything missing here, it’s the absurd incarceration rate that belittles the integrity of judicial system. Not just the percentage of minorities who are imprisoned for non-violent offenses, but the country as a whole jails for more people per capita than other developed nation. It’s tremendously infuriating and is part of the reason I choose to spend my life outside the United States.

    1. You’re absolutely right. We’re leading everyone in that category. The only one that comes kinda close is Russia but the fact that we’re beating them is still crazy. Unfortunately, it will remain a topic not discussed because it’s not affecting the European class of people. That and people don’t bother educating themselves about the systems that are in place controlling their lives.

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