Christopher Columbus Day — America’s Biggest Lie

How is this still a thing?  I mean, seriously?  How has “The Greatest Country” complicit in celebrating a murdering rapist coward like Christopher Columbus?  You’d be hard pressed to argue the pathology of racism and white supremacy being this decision.  I remember getting in trouble in every grade because I would constantly challenge this notion.  The story, or narrative, simply doesn’t make sense.  We’re to believe that this man (and I use that term loosely) discovered American but when he got here…there were people already here.  HOW?!?!? By definition, this is impossible.  You know how they say that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”….Well this is one thing that is.  Let’s just break the story down real quick.
The STORY of Christopher Columbus was made up by the Knights of Columbus in the 1930s.  If you don’t believe me, try to find any literature on Christopher Columbus discovering America prior to that time.  Anyway, they somehow ($$$) convinced Franklin Roosevelt to sign it into a federal holiday and to start teaching this crap to our kids in schools.  However, the version of the story that they’re teaching is disgusting.  Here’s why.
First, Christopher Columbus NEVER NEVER NEVER stepped foot in the United States.   NOT ONCE. He never went past the Caribbean region.  He never even made it up to Florida.  Grasp that.  The man credited with discovering America had never even been here.  Second, he was a bit of a moron.  He spent most of his time lost or turned around at Sea.  This isn’t me making this up.  You can actually read his own words from his Admirals Diary as well as other sailors that were on the voyages with him.  Matter of fact, he didn’t even spot the Bahamas first.  See, there was a reward to anyone who spotted land first.  A young sailor spotted and reported land he saw off in the distance but when he went to collect, Columbus told him “nah, I saw it earlier.  I just didn’t say anything.”  Columbus then took the reward, which equaled about a years salary, for himself. 
When they made it to the Bahamas, Christopher Columbus wrote about how nice the natives were.  Columbus wrote about how they came from the trees and greeted them, how remarkable their bodies and features were, and how they weren’t armed.  Not only were they not armed, they didn’t recognize the weapons Columbus and his men were carrying.  The natives cut themselves when they were inspecting the swords because they would grab it by the wrong end.  Columbus wrote candidly about how the Natives were wearing gold jewelry and when they asked for it, the Natives would hand it over without question.  Now these Europeans could have lived with the Natives, learned from them, and just overall…played nice with them.  But what was going through the Europeans’ mind?  We could easily conquer them.  So that’s what Columbus did.  The numerous eyewitness accounts say Columbus took six Natives back with him to Spain.  Columbus also left about 38 men behind on the island.  Once Columbus returned to Spain, he bragged to the queen about this new land and about the people that lived there.  He explained the land could easily conquer the land with 50 armed men.  On top of that, he lied and told the Queen that the land was filled Gold and other riches.  See, the other explorers had went east to places like India and Asia.  These lands were rich with natural resources and those explorers, like Marco Polo, had started returning to Spain with riches.  So armed with this promise of Gold from Columbus, the Queen commissioned him an army/navy of 1200 people.
Columbus set sail again for the Bahamas.  When he and his men landed it is recorded that the 38 men that he left behind had killed ALL THE MEN in the village.  Columbus and his 1,200 men went on a RAPE and PILLAGE SPREE.  Michele de Cuneo, a close friend of Columbus, wrote in his journal about how he beat a young girl with a rope into submission before he raped her.  I say “wrote” but it’s more like bragging.  The Spaniards wrote about how they would test how sharp their swords were by cutting the Natives.  These Europeans would have contests on who could decapitate a Native the quickest and they also joked about throwing the Natives into large vats of boiling soap…JUST FOR FUN.  The Spaniards would also grab infants, nursing at their mother’s breast, and throw them like balls into large rocks.  Some babies escaped this fate.  Instead of slamming all the babies into rocks, some babies were tossed in a different direction.  Right into the dog pits where there dogs would fight as they ripped the infants apart.  Most of the time this would occur as the parents were being forced to watch.  These Europeans went village to village doing this.  Bishop Bartoleme De Las Casas recorded the following in his journal.
What we committed in the Indies stands out among the most unpardonable offenses ever committed against God and mankind, and this trade [in Indian slaves] as one of the most unjust, evil, and cruel among them.
After all that fun, it was time to get to work.  Remember, Christopher Columbus had promised gold and other riches.  He had to repay people for the Army he was borrowing.  The Natives survived the initial onslaught were then forced into slavery, mining for Gold. Those who didn’t or couldn’t collect a thimble full of gold per month, had their hands cut off.  It’s recorded that 10,000 natives bled as a result of this act.  This pillage, rape, murder, maming, and slavery went on for two years on the islands.  After this period….and estimated 250,000 natives were dead.
Murders.  Rapists.  Thieves.  Enslavers.  Butchers.  Cowards.  This is who this country celebrates.  This is who is credited with the discovery of an occupied land.  What does that say about this country?  What does that say about those who go along with this BS?  Why is this country so hell-bent on praising and memorializing the most loathsome people?  (See confederate statues)  Columbus was an idiot and a savage.  The crazy thing is, he’s not even celebrated in Spain.  The United States is one of the most backwards civilizations on the planet.  The entire history of this land is wrapped in slavery, murder, rape, and outright evil of one group of people towards another.  Beyond that fact, this country forces you into a yearly reminder of such people.  Columbus Day is a disgusting reminder as to the pathology of the American Mindset.  Mostly uneducated, miseducated, and umempathetic.  And this is the greatest country on the planet.  Yea F’ing right.

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