Crabs In A Bucket

My people are so damn backwards sometimes.  For the last few months people have been nonstop roasting #Lavar #Ball for his shoes, merchandise, and overall #business / marketing campaign. The same folks sit there with a $700 #iPhone or #Android, closet full of #Jordans and other designer shoes and clothing, wife or girlfriend stay with $600 purses, and drop thousands in the clubs on severely overpriced bottles of alcohol. We’re the only group that constantly tears each other down when one of us talks about not wanting to be part of the system.  Almost every other race, culture, ethnicity, celebrates this behavior except us. It’s really really sad that we consistently keep this “Crabs In A Bucket”  mentality generation to generation.  What’s it going to take for us to stop the #hate and instead, pool our resources together and start walking down a different path?

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