The Greatest Trick Ever Played

Over the last few days I’ve been sitting back watching everyone fight about free speech, the flag, the veterans, blah blah blah.  I’m listening and reading a lot of different people’s stance on these topics and I can’t help but to slap my palm to my forehead.  I ask myself over and over again, how do we keep falling for the same old trick over and over again.  What trick you?  I’m glad you asked.
Let’s back up to the early 1600s.  This was a time where racism didn’t exist.  People didn’t call themselves Black or White.  Back then it was all regional.  We’re Irish, we’re Greek, or we’re African and so on.  Fast forward to the colonization of what would become the United States of America.  This is about 1640.  You basically had two groups of people.  There were the rich and the workers.  There were a few slaves but most people were indentured servants or free labor.  After years of being worked like animals, the workers started to realize that we all have one thing in common.  We’re getting our butts kicked by these elites in this new land.  So they did what any oppressed group would do and they banded together and started rebellions.  They pillaged, raided, and even killed.
The rich knew that there was only two ways to keep people from rising against you.  You either have to kill everyone.  But if you do that, who’s going to do your labor?  So you can’t do that.  The ONLY other thing you can do is figure out a way to divide them.  So they came up with a plan to do that.  They agreed to give people of European descent certain privileges.  Privileges like a few acres of land, letting them vote on certain issues, and allowed them to participate in court and judicial proceeding.  (They could sue people and stuff) But the most impactful thing they did was put them in charge of the slaves and other workers.  BOOM!! This move effectively stopped the rebellions immediately.  DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
Now the elite were very smart because they did nothing to change the economic situations of these people.  You’re still poor as hell.  But because they were allowed to “sit at the same table” as the elites, they turned on the very same folks they were fighting alongside a week prior.  I have to repeat this part.  Their economic situation had not changed at all.  But THE ILLUSION OF INCLUSION changed their mindset.
They put this in place hundreds of years ago and it still runs to perfection to this day.   It’s 2017 and the elites that run this country divide and conquer us, seemingly, at will.  We have Men vs Women; Black vs White; Gay vs Straight; North vs South; Democrat vs Republican; standing for the flag vs not standing; Muslims vs Everybody .  Hell, you even get divided in subgroups.  Dark skin vs Light skin; Dread heads vs “clean cut”; flamboyant gay vs not; pro-life vs pro choice.  It’s ridiculous.  When you wake up in the morning, you’re mad at four different groups of people before you leave the house and if you really actually thought about it….you probably don’t really know why.
If you sit and look at it, we’re busy with this in-fighting that we don’t even catch what they’re doing to us.  Our healthcare in unaffordable.  The utilities prices in this country are the highest of any developed nation.  Our politicians are corrupt as heck.  These police officers are out of control.  The whole judicial system is anything but judicial.  Student loans, mortgage prices, insurance, and simple entertainment.  A trip to Disney World is several thousand dollars.  The movies can cost you $100.  Bowling $100. We’re being robbed and economically subdued by these corporations and the elites just like our forefathers were in the 1600s.  If we would stop letting them do this to us where could we be?  If we got together and fought against these systems that have been put in place instead of fighting about a dang flag, where could we be?  Who kneels for the flag affects your life ZERO PERCENT.  Student affect it.  Who chooses to get and abortion affects your life ZERO PERCENT.  High percentages on credit cards affect it.  Two people of the same sex want to get married affects your life ZERO PERCENT!!! You losing your healthcare affects it.
When are we going to wake up and realize that we’re being played?  DIVIDE AND CONQUER is the game and we’re losing.  The game doesn’t care about your age, your race, you sexuality, none of that.  As long as you stay broke, poor, fighting with the same people that you should be linking arms with….We’ll continue to keep getting our butts kicked by these folks.

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Trick Ever Played

  1. I agree with your premise but some of your conclusions are wrong. If Abortions comes from companies that are funded by tax payer money then yes it does affect me as my taxes increase. If someone wants to have an abortion that’s their choice let them or their family pay for it. If someone is Gay and wants to marry then great let them do so but If I choose to not make a cake for them or not take their picture then leave me alone that’s my right as much as it is your right.

    To make individual issues social issues is wrong. Yes I am religious as you can tell by my post. I believe in the freedoms this life affords all people. But I don’t believe that your freedoms need to affect mine or are of greater worth than mine. I have the freedom to not pay for your abortion, to not pay for your condoms, to not take your picture or make you a cake.

    You have the freedom to kneel for the flag and the national anthem because you believe there is some kind of social injustice. I have the freedom to think you are an idiot and that you should give to these communities and help them out instead of spending 100K on a party. You are right who kneels for the flag affects my life ZERO, but guess what who kneels for the flag helps their cause ZERO, get of your knee and actually do something. Give half of your millions to others.

    I am so tired of the rich sports figures, actors, business men saying tax the rich. Well guess what if you believe in that. You can give all your money away. But these sports figures and actors saying this crap its just publicity as they don’t give crap to the poor and needy. In stead of just using .10 words take million dollar actions.

    1. I appreciate you reading and commenting but your reply is sort of confusing. The taxes issue is never an issue until it’s “used’ for something you don’t agree with. The fact of the matter is, you pay into a pool and they do whatever they want with it. If you’re gonna have an issue with one thing you should have an issue with all of them. Unless you are ok with your taxes being used for war, drugs, and penguin research in the north pole. And by you not making a cake because of your beliefs is affecting my life if I were needing you to make it. You’re imposing your lifestyle on me just as much as you feel i’m doing to you. And you really cant be “religious” and believe in freedoms. Religion is constructed by Dogma and that means that your life is not your own. It belongs to someone else. Now if you dont want to do any of the things that you named because YOU dont want to do them then fine. But if it’s because of religion, you kinda don’t have a leg to stand on.
      I agree 100% with the other two paragraphs though.

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