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So the Federal Prosecutors are (finally) looking into the Kushner’s for their dealings with China.  Kushner is Donald Trump’s senior adviser as well as son in law.  His company, Kushner Properties, has been flying back and forth overseas meeting with wealthy foreign “investors” and basically pitching them to invest their money in American properties.
Two things…..
First, a look at how it works.  A company or developer puts together a project for a huge luxury apartment complex in say….Los Angeles or New York.  (I’m only using those because most people know how expensive these places are to live)  These developers should raise money from American businesses and corporations, Americans should get hired to do the work, and Americans should be the ones whom purchase most of the apartment units.  Is that what’s happening?  I’m so glad you asked…..Hell No!  What good ol Jared Kushner and his company does is puts together a development project, hop his happy ass on a private jet, and goes on a meet and greet to foreign investors in Russia, China, and a couple other places.  The people who agree to invest are then issued what’s called an EB-5 Visa.  You gotta read about these beauties.
EB-5 Visas, often called “Golden Visas”, are basically a green light into the United States for rich foreign folks.  A foreign investor agrees to “invest” a certain amount ($500,000 minimum right now, I think) and they can get this Golden Visa.  Once they get this Visa, it’s pretty much open season for any other projects they want to ‘invest” in.  The hilarious thing is the EB-5 Visa program was kinda-sorta suspended but good ol Donald Trump reauthorized the program THE DAY BEFORE JARAD’S SISTER FLEW TO MEET WEALTHY FOREIGN INVESTORS.  Think about that for a second….the day before.
Make America Great Again?  Not so much.  Just open your eyes and look at this.  The investors are not from America.  The workers they send over to do the construction are not American.  The materials they buy are imported from around the world.  And….after these expensive properties are constructed, it’s rich folks from other countries that buy the properties!
Folks know I did Real Estate for a couple years and I personally saw this.  Think about where you live right now.  I’d be willing to bet $100 that the price of homes in your area has gone up quite a bit over the past few years.  The property taxes are steadily climbing.  Even if you rent at an apartment complex this probably applies.  If you don’t know why….read above again.  These foreign investors, who couldn’t really care less about the price or value, are over inflating our housing market.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the expensive part of town where you live.  Pull up the records of who owns those properties.  Now try to pronounce the names you see on those deeds.  That’s how your’e able to sell your house after three years of living there, sell it, and make $40K.
Look at the are east of downtown here in Houston.  Purchase after purchase is Chines buyers.  I mean, they’re buying up EVERYTHING.  Lots in the area just four years ago used to go for about $20K, maybe.  Now look at them. You’d be pressed to find one under $80K.  And the townhomes their putting up are north of $500K.  Meanwhile the average income of a white family in America is something like $38K.  So who is this for.  To put it in perspective; do you think a billion dollar company from China, India, or Russia care about spending $50K more for a house in or close to your neighborhood if it gets them in door for other development deals in the United States?
This right here is how racism hurts white folks more than they know.  The elites in this country want you to believe everything wrong in this country is because of Black and Brown folks.  Yet, Black and Brown folks don’t control any of theses systems tearing this country apart.  How does it make any sense that Donald Trump and his base want to build a wall to the south to keep out immigrants….but open the airways to the east and allow those immigrants a pass.  Not only a pass…a government sanctioned pass.  *ref EB-5 Visa*
Granted, this is only with the housing and land markets.  It applies to several other industries in this country.  Why aren’t you fine Americans, who love this great country so much, screaming at the top of your lung about this?  I think the only reason that you see it on the news is because rich white folks here in America are complaining about it.  They’re sick of competing with these guys over land and development deals.  If you watch “Million Dollar Listing” on Bravo Network, then you kind of get a sense of it. (If you’re paying attention).  Every huge deal featured on the show is followed by one term “foreign investor/client”.  You hear it about 100 times per one hour episode.  Y’all so busy looking at the south and watching folks run across the border that you’re missing the real threat coming in private jets just a slight head turn towards the east.  Make America Great Again…..Teh.  Wake up folks.

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