It’s absolutely sickening that it’s been over a year now and we still don’t have closure, justice, or even an explanation of what happened to Jamarion Robinson. You’re probably like “who”? Understandably. Jamarion was just a normal guy living with his girlfriend in East Point, Atlanta. He had just enrolled in college and, by all accounts, was just living the “normal life”.
That was until Friday night on August the 2nd.  Jamarion and his girlfriend were just spending time at the apartment without a care in the world. What they didn’t know was the US Marshal Service were staging around the corner. See, Jamarion had allegedly fired a gun on some police officers a couple weeks earlier and so the US Marshals were there to serve the warrant and arrest Jamarion.
The law enforcement vehicles started pulling up which obviously drew a crowd outside. Witnesses say there were about 12 cars outside the apartment. They US Marshals went up to the door, knocked/banged a couple times, and then took the door down with a battering ram. Everyone outside said the next 60 seconds were like something out of action movie. Gunshots after gunshots after gunshots after gunshots rang throughout the neighborhood.  A calm started to settle a few minutes after the shots subsided.  Officers were talking among themselves as well as spectators that had gathered outside.  That’s when a loud explosion from a flash grenade rang out. This eruption was followed by more shots. Finally, silence fell upon the house once again.  
Neighbors who knew it was Jamarion’s apartment notified his family and they began to arrive at the scene looking for answers. A US Marshall approached Beverly Nixon, Jamarion’s Grandmother, to explain the situation. They told her that they were there to serve the warrant on her grandson, he fired on officers upon entry to the house, and they returned fire ultimately killing Jamarion inside. Miss Beverly was extremely confused because the story of shooting at officers a couple weeks prior and then getting in a shootout with the US Marshals just didn’t sound like her grandson. They then approached her with a picture of the person they were there to serve the warrant on and she quickly informed them that the man in the picture WAS NOT HER GRANDSON.
Yes, you read that correctly. The man they gunned down inside his own apartment was not even the man they were looking for. And when I say gunned down….I mean guuuuuned down. Try to guess how many times young Jamarion was shot by law enforcement. What’d you guess? 10 times? Nope. 20? Nope? 30? Keep climbing. 50? Getting warmer. 60? Up. 76 TIMES! 76 times by Law Enforcement. Now you have to understand that its just a normal doorway to the apartment. You can’t rush in 10 guys at a time. So you have to imagine that one after another these men ran into that apartment with guns blazing. Let’s say it was 10 officers running into the house. Picture them running in, one by one, taking position and unloading wherever Jamarion is standing. 76 times he was hit. If he was hit that many times, how many bullets do you think they actually shot? How many times did you think they stopped to reload, chamber the weapons, and start firing again?
See we’ve been hypnotized to think of bullet holes as these neat little circles like they show you in the movies. But that’s not reality. A shotgun will literally take whatever limb it hits, off the body. An AK-47 will do the same thing. So just imagine the firepower that the US Marshal Service is taking into a situation where they think a guy is armed and dangerous and has also shot at police officers already. You hit anything with that arsenal of weapons and what you’re left with isn’t even much of a body afterwards. You’re left with just a hunk of meat. It’s reported that there wasn’t any part of Jamarion’s body that wasn’t hit. Most of his limbs were barely hanging on. His hands were severely mangled from probably trying to put his hands out in front as they started shooting. Oh, and don’t forget about the flash grenade and the other shots after the first set of shots. What they hell were the Marshals doing inside that house?
Well, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) has taken over the case. Their reports say there was blood, bones, and brain matter splattered all over the house. All over. One strange thing they also found was “bullets embedded into the carpet and flooring”. This suggests that someone(s) stood over the body and continued to fire more shots. Why? If you follow this story like I have, it is one of the most convoluted I’ve come across. They try to say Jamarion was bi-polar and schizophrenic. They say his family made remarks they didn’t say. Just a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make sense.
The one thing they won’t do is give the family any information on the “investigation. A year later and the officers still haven’t given an official statement. They haven’t explained how they got the wrong guy. They haven’t explained why there were bullets in the floor, under Jamarion’s body. Hell, they haven’t even explained who the correct suspect was/is. And they damn sure haven’t explained why it took 72 shots to subdue the {wrong} suspect. I don’t understand how we, as a society, continue to let this kind of stuff go on. Why do we just sit back and accept this treatment? How have we come to accept this as the norm? Is there an end in sight? Ion know. But one thing for sure is this case should be a beaming light that there are some people charged with protecting us that are more dangerous than the criminals themselves. #JusticeForJam

2 thoughts on “JUSTICE FOR JAM

  1. Wow!!! How is this not front and center on every news media out there! This is the first time I’ve heard of it!!! These guys are suppose to be professionals, not a bunch of pissed of individuals going in to make an arrest having already made up their minds on how it was gonna go down. Seriously, how hard would it have been to arrest this guy without a single shot fired, and even if they were convinced that this was their guy, what about the public and their safety. I guess just the collateral damage!!! This truly is sickening!!!

    1. Right. It’s sickening on so many levels. But it’s a black kids soooo what’s the big deal? Just another day at the office for these kind of people.

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