The Sunken Place

The Sunken Place – Lewis & Vick

LISTEN DUMB ASS BLACK CELEBRITIES....The Colin Kaepernick question is a "set-up" question. Why in the hell do y'all keep falling for it? It's a way for the media to get you idiots on a public platform and agree with people who don't look like you. The bottom line is this.......HE TOOK A KNEE TO BRING AWARENESS TO AN ISSUE THAT HE VIEWS IS WRONG IN THIS COUNTRY. How in the entire world can any person of color disagree with that? How? Watch this video of Mr Ray Lewis, once again make an ass of himself about a "Black Issue". I literally was screaming at the TV as I was watching this. I was sooooooo glad when Shannon Sharpe checked him....again.
I get white folks disagreeing with his protest. I say that because police brutality isn't apart of their life. Harassment by the police in their community is not apart of their life. Killing of unarmed white men during traffic stops is not apart of their life. But we as black people have a different reality with law enforcement. Mike Vick got 2 years in prison for fighting dogs. FIGHTING DOGS!!!! But 3 white males got probation for RAPE in 2017 alone. Ray were put on trial for stabbing someone IN SELF DEFENSE. Just think about that....Seriously.....Self Defense.  An OJ Simpson.....well his dumbass deserved to go to prison.
Kap simply said I see something wrong and I want to contribute to help change it. How can you possibly disagree with that? How can you not support that? Ray Lewis, in my opinion, is leading the pack when it comes to Coonish Comments on TV. That's why they keep asking him and he never lets them down. You really have to watch the video if you haven't so you get what I'm talking about.
Just think for a second. Just think. Forget what people in the media is saying and put logic to it. If these owners, coaches, GM's, and players didn't think Kap could not play.....this wouldn't be a topic of discussion. Point blank, period. Is anybody asking about Johnny Manziel wanting a comeback? Hell No! Tim Tebow wanting to come back? Hello No! Glenn Coffee wanting a comeback? Hell No! Anybody talking about Vince Young hiring an agent and working out? NOOOOO! They're talking about Kap because they know he can still play but they can't go against the unspoken agreement to punish him for what he did while showing all the other people what will happen if you do the same.  
Argue if you want. Think of your teams back-up quarterback if you know who they are. Hell, if your'e a browns fan, think of your starters. Is he better than those guys? If your honest answer is yes, then what can you attribute him not being signed? And furthermore, is that right to treat someone like that for doing what he feels is right. Ray Lewis, most of all, and you other dumb ass black celebrities that get on these public platforms and get asked that question, do the rest of us in the black community a favor........AND SHUT THE HELL UP. Plead the fifth. You're doing more harm than good to our community. #MiddleFingerEmoji to you Mr. Lewis. Vick too!