Looks Like Snow In The Forecast


Just in case you weren’t following what’s going on in Oregon lend me your ear…or eyes, for a minute.  Last week Oregon passed two bills decriminalizing Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Meth, Coke, and Heroin.  OK OK OK, so technically they’re not decriminalizing them but they’re doing what’s called “de-felonizing” the drugs.  Meaning, if you get caught with them, its a misdemeanor.  There is a lot of literature you can read on this but you can get the just of it in this High Times article.  Now while I’m sure that plenty of people are jumping for joy….But, I’d like to give a big MIDDLE FINGER to the establishment.  For decades they have been filling the jails and prisons with Black & Brown folks for petty drug crap.  We all know what happens in this country when you have an arrest on your record and the system was fine with that as long as they prison yards stayed “dark”.  So why the change in legislature?  I’m so glad you asked.  Take a few moments and look up any state or federal polls you want and look at the incarceration rate of white people for drugs.  The numbers are growing and growing.  Just look at the last 10 years or so. In 2009 it was somewhere around 39% of whites.  Now its creeping towards that 50% mark.  So what do the good ol boys in this country do?  I’m glad you asked again.  They hit the “RESET” button and change the rules.  I don’t care what study you look at, the usage of drugs in this country has always been the same across the board.  Meaning, blacks don’t use drugs more than whites.  Mexicans not more than blacks.  However you want to phrase it.  But although the numbers are the same, Black & Brown folks disproportionately make up the prison population.  But pump the brakes… that John and Rick are starting to walk through them prison doors, the great representatives of these states are screaming “THERE IS A PROBLEM HERE”.  FOH

Oh, and what drugs did they chose to “de-felonize”?  F*ing Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin. Seriously?  Say what you want but we know on a broad scale which drugs are “black drugs” and which ones are “white drugs”.  Black folks do Weed and Crack.  White folks do which ones?  That’s right, Meth, Coke, and Heroin.  White America isn’t saying much publicly right now but there is an epidemic in their community with these drugs.  The kids are getting hooked younger and younger.  And I already mentioned that the jails are filling up with them.  They’re working hard to stop the prisons filling up.  You want to know what’s next?……..There will be all kind of stuff on the news talking about how drug usage and addiction is a medical problem and not a criminal problem.  The same shit our community has been saying for years.  I have to go because I’m getting more and more heated as I write this.  But I think you get the point.  Until next time…..

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