Is There A Shortage Of Police Applicants Or Something

There has to be a shortage of qualified citizens applying to be Police Officers throughout the country.  How else can you explain these Boys In Blue keeping their badges after some of their actions? (And yes, these are all recent)
People like this guy…Officer Adrian Perkins.  He was arrested for Domestic Assault & Battery.  Now his department actually did the correct thing and fired him.  Adrian Perkins was force to find other employment, which he did.  AS A POLICE OFFICER….IN THE SAME COUNTY.  That’s not the bad part.  The bad part is….wait for it…he was arrested again for…you guessed it, Domestic Assault.   I guess she didn’t listen the first time huh?



 Or how about this guy.  Officer Timothy James.  He got his badge and hit the ground running.  By running, I mean, running over and killing a pedestrian with his patrol car.  Oh, that’s not all.  He spit on a mentally ill man at a mental facility.  Oh no, he wasn’t done.  He was called for backup during the arrest of two teenagers.  While handcuffed in the back of the police car, those little rascals must’ve said something to set him off.  He punched and beat the 17 year old repeatedly in the face.  The crazy part is, he did all these things in front of people.  The even crazier part is all these things were done WITHIN A 3 MONTH PERIOD.
This story right here, I really don’t even fully understand.  Officer Christopher Odom was recently arrested for federal sexual assault.  He pled guilty and is looking at only 12 months because of a plush plea deal.  But who cares.  The crazy part is he was already awaiting 2 trials in 2 separate counties for 2 different rapes.  I guess his department must be on a 3 strikes and you’re out policy.   I mean, 2 rapes and he still gets to wear the uniform?  I don’t get it.  And then you only get a year in prison.  He still has state charges to face though.










Check out Chase “Trigger” Welch.  (The picture above) In two years Chase Welch killed 2 men in 2 separate incidents.  He was suspended both times because the “INTERNAL INVESTIGATION” found his actions aggressive and in ‘IN POOR JUDGEMENT”.  How that’s not criminal…I don’t know.  Anywho, he decided to resign and go work for the Sheriff’s office.  Don’t shake your head just yet.  No No No.  Day 2 on the job….Trigger Welch shoots and kills someone else.  DAY…..2……ON…..THE……JOB.   Can’t make this stuff up.  Actually, I guess you can but I’m not.
My question is, literally, WTF.   Is this the best we can do in the great ol United States of America.  The moral compass of the entire world?  How is this acceptable?  In what other industry do you have this level of incompetence and gross negligence and they’re still allowed to operate.   Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous.  These aren’t even old stories.  This is all within the last month or so.  Isn’t it time to come up with a better way to screen some of these applicants?  What is the magic event that needs to happen before we wake up as a society and say enough is enough and demand change?  I can’t be the only one pissed about this.