Stars And Stripes And …

Ok, so I’ve seen this a few times around and it’s so so confusing to me.  First of all, the ideologies of these two emphatically contradict each other.  I mean, so much, that the two went to war with each other because of it.  It has always been on cars when I see this but I really want to talk to pull these folks and ask them….. Huh? …….. How? …..Why? ….. In what part of your brain does this make any sense?  If the folks that were alive back then saw folks nowadays flying these two flags together, they’d probably unload their musket on you.  It’s simply idiotic.  Furthermore, I’m not advocating for either side nor whichever side you claim your “heritage” lies, I’m just saying….. pick a side.  Logically you can’t do both.  In no way shape or form can you do both.  It’s even kinda hard to write this post because I just can’t think of any answer that would make me go…. “ohhh, ok.  I get it”.  I’m hoping that one day I get to personally talk to one of these folks.  Actually, on second thought, maybe I don’t .
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