The Opioid Crisis. The Solution Is Black & White

I may be crazy….I don’t think so….but I might be. But has anyone else noticed the stark difference with the handling of the current “Opioid Crisis” in America vs other drug problems? Now I remember the Crack and Cocaine epidemic that hit the country. (Thanks Reagan & Clintons) Was this problem treated like some sort of National Save The People campaign? Hell no! What they first did was pump this poison through our streets and neighborhoods. And by “they”, I mean the US Government. But anywho, After they released this drug into the streets they sat back and watched. What did they notice? That white people preferred to keep cocaine in its’ powder form while Black people would “cut” it and cook it into rocks later called Crack.
So of course, the great leader’s of the greatest country in the world said “hmmmmm, how can we use this as a tool?” So they wrote and passed all sorts of new drug laws. See, not only did they treat drug use and addiction a criminal problem, they made sure the new laws hammered Blacks wayyyyy more than whites for essentially the same thing. Same drug…two different sentencing guidelines. WTF right? Pair these new laws with the “3-Strikes” laws and it was like dropping an atomic bomb on the Black Family structure. Sure there were some white collateral damage but it was/is nothing compared to the destruction to Black Americans.
Fast forward to October 2017. The Great President Trump gets on television and says the country is facing an opioid crisis. A crisis so bad that he’s thinking about declaring a national emergency. See, now that these white boys and girls are dropping like flies from these drugs.  Overdose after fatal overdose.  Allllll of a sudden, it’s no longer a criminal problem.  Now, it’s a MEDICAL or HEALTH situation.
Black addiction = Criminal Problem           White addiction = National Health Crisis
Even look at the commercials on TV regarding this issue.  Here’s one for OpioidsHere’s another.
You see how they’re geared up to show a medical condition and make you feel sympathy for the white addict?  Now take a few minutes and try to find a video that illicit the same emotions for a Black addict.  It’s OK, I’ll wait.  You can try but you’d be extremely hard pressed to do so.  Black Americans are portrayed as criminals, savages, or zombies in the media outlets.  White Americans are victims and need help or need to be rescued.  It’s total BS.  Black Americans went through, roughly, 15 years of systemic and governmental controlled chemical warfare of our neighborhoods.  Before you roll your eyes, the CIA was caught red handed orchestrating it.  Read up on Oliver North, Freeway Rick Ross, and Bill Clinton  in Mena Arkansas.
The point in all this is simple.  I talk all day long to people who emphatically try to deny white privilege and systemic racism.  This one issue shines a glaring light on both issues.  You’d have be almost retarded to deny the differences in the handling of these.  Drugs are drugs…addicts are addicts.  But how do you explain the different handling of the two groups.  President Ronald Reagan went on TV and did his JUST SAY NO crap and tough on crime rhetoric.  Code words for “LOCK UP BLACK AMERICANS”.  President Donald Trump gets on TV and has all of white america in tears for the same situation.  Now, it’s a medical situation.  Now, America needs treatment centers instead of prisons.  Now America sees a life worth saying and not one to just throw away.  It’s this kind of hypocrisy in this country that creates organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifah and The Women’s March, and the LGBTQ movement.  This repeated and blatant slap in the face to anyone who isn’t a straight white male in this country is absurd.  But I guess that’s one of the perks of white privilege.  I must admit, I’m a little jealous.