They Probably Thought She Was Black

So a friend sent this story to me and the headline said something like “outrage as woman shot by police with body cams off”.  But when I read the story, (click here to read), I was kinda shocked to see the photo.  Just like the police, I just assumed the person was another black person.  If you read the story, Justine Diamond thought she heard a disturbance in an alley by her house and called the police for help.  What happened next… guessed it.  The police jump out the car with guns blazing.  They shoot and kill the former veterinarian, current yoga instructor, and mother.  Although that is absolutely tragic, the really really F*ed up part is that for some strange reason both officers had body cams on but were conveniently turned off at the time of the shooting.  These trigger happy cops on patrol is one issue that needs to be addressed.  But how in the hell do we keep hearing about situations where these assholes are wearing body cams and they’re not turned on? How is this not being addressed by the Department of Justice?  This seems like such an easy fix.  Either keep the cameras on or lose your job.  See, simple.  Like “regular citizens” are told all the time….IF YOU’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!!  Of course, the status quo happened after the shooting, paid administrative leave, internal investigation, blah blah blah.  How have we allowed this mess to become normal?  And furthermore, when are we going to really do something to raise the level of accountability on these murderers?  Maybe America will start to see the problem for what it is, when pictures like the one above are on the news instead of the colored ones that are so easy to turn the channel on.