USA…..We’re #1

Since I’ve started the blog, I always get emails or post comments saying “United States of America is the greatest country in the world.”  It’s usually followed by “if you don’t think so then you should leave,” or something to that effect.  I know we hear it all the time so I sat and really really thought about it.  Are we the greatest country?  Whey do people feel that way?  Am I wrong for not feeling that way?  I stood on my balcony and thought of some things whilst I was looking out.  I wanted to share them with you all and get your take as well.
So, I looked at all the cars on the road.  I see a lot of Asian and German produced ones.  Hardly any American made ones out there.  I then turned around and looked inside my home.  EVERY SINGLE electronic was not made or produced here in America.  I went to my closet.  Almost all my clothes say “MADE IN _____”.  <—–Insert name other than America   Went to the liquor cabinet.  Russian, French, Mexican, Italian.  Not a bottle of USA anywhere.  I started asking myself, “what’s going on round here?”  I decided to get out the house a bit and go for a quick drive.
As I’m driving and looking around I started noticing that everything pretty much looks the same.  Mile after mile is nothing but Hospitals, gas stations, and restaurants/fast food chains.  You can sprinkle in the occasional grocery store but for the most part, that’s it.  One thing I noticed that was missing is jobs.  I don’t mean jobs in the simple sense.  I mean, like, jobs that you could make a career and living doing.  I remember my Uncle talking about the number of factories and manufacturing jobs that were around the neighborhood while they were growing up.  Where are all these factories and plants now?  That’s right….Far East or Down South.  No wonder people are working 2 and 3 jobs trying to make ends meet.  No wonder there is a huge fight about raising minimum wage.
I went to the park and sat thinking, “The Greatest Country In The World”….. That sounds great but how could the mortgage rules be set up to where you end up paying double for your home after 30 years?  We still haven’t figured out Healthcare in 500 years?  You can spend 20 years paying off student loan debt.  And the crazy part about that is most people don’t have a job in what their degree is in anyway.  Gas prices are ridiculous.  I know we’ve been brainwashed to accept $2.00 a gallon but let’s not forget what it used to be in the 80s-early 2000s.  If you use your credit card for something they want you to pay 15% or more.  And home utilites, cable, and internet….let’s not even.
Look, I’m not saying there aren’t some OK things about the United States.  But “The Greatest”… How?  Nothing is made here.  No real jobs are here anymore.  There are so many systems to suck every single dollar that you make away from you.  And, any kind of wanting to do something outside of the norm is met with ridicule.  This is just surface stuff too.  I didn’t even get into government policies, Wall Street, or War for profiting that goes on.  In closing, America is Alright…but “The Greatest”…..I wouldn’t even put it in the top 10.