White People… Please Accept Our Apology

I’ve always asked myself, what are {some} white people so mad at us ?  By us, I mean everyone but white people.  I’ve talked to white people, Black people, old people, and young people.  I’ve tried to get an understanding but I just couldn’t.  That is until recently.  I GOT IT!  I finally figured it out.
Imagine that you date a person with kids.  Male or female…it doesn’t matter.  Oh yeah, the kids are bad as hell too.  Don’t listen, won’t clean up, all that stuff.  Y’all always fight about the kids.  So much so, that you two decide to break up and go your separate ways.  You pack up all your stuff and get ready to leave and at the last minute the government comes in and says “you can leave…….but you HAVE to take their bad ass kids with you”.  If you’re like me, you just yelled out “Aw hell naw”.  
That’s the United States of America.  When white folks “discovered” this country, that was already occupied I might add, but when they “discovered” this country, they wanted a country for themselves.  One that they could develop, build p, and show off to the rest of the world.  That was the dream.  Get away from Europe and come be rich over here.  But they didn’t want to do the work themselves…..hell no.  The land was too large and they had little skills to do so.  (Facts, look it up)  So what was the plan?  Much like today….let’s get other people to do the labor.  Where can we get these people….we all know that answer.  So they stole a bunch of innocent people from their land and through a system of pure barbaric behavior, brought them across the sea, and worked them to death.  Literally death.  
Fast forward a couple hundred years.  These great visionaries did nothing but fight with each other about this type of forced labor.  So much fighting went on that the different sides went to war with each other. When that war was over, it was decided that there would be no more of this forced labor going on.  Sooooo what do you have in your country that you can’t use for work anymore?  The “bad ass kids” you don’t want.  {Some} white people didn’t bring us over here to be citizens.  The “American Dream” only was meant for one group.  {Some} white people didn’t even look at us as human beings.
We were brought here for one reason and one reason only….to work and make {some} white people rich.  When that was taken away, we were/are considered useless.  Let’s put it in context.  Let’s say you’re America.  You collect a bunch of money throughout the year (taxes).  Now imagine you have to give some to those “bad ass kids”.  (Welfare)  You only want hire your friends to come work with you but….you have to hire some of those “bad ass kids”. (Affirmative Action)  You’re forced to give these “bad ass kids” a place to live. (Section 8 and public housing)  Then you have to come up with all kind of ways to keep these “bad ass kids” from participating in your nice white elections.  Pass laws and policies, that go directly against what you want to stand for as a country, so you can lock them up. (Cocaine vs Crack just to name one)  You come up Jim Crow, Tuskegee Experiments, Lynching, KKK, Flint Water Crisis, government sanctioned crack in the hoods, and flat out Police sanctioned public executions.  All that, and these “bad ass kids” still won’t go away.
So ask yourself, wouldn’t you be mad too?  This land was “discovered” and was intended to be a white males paradise  area.  Anybody else IS NOT WELCOME.  Natives that were here when {some} of the whites got here….rape, kill, move em.    Jews…..Get the hell outta here! (oh wait, y’all got money with you)  Italians and Irish….turn those boats around.  Mexicans…this USED to be your land, it’s ours now.  And you recently freed Africans and black folks….go back to the land that you don’t know because we severed the connection you had to it.  Women….y’all still down there with the rest of us too.  
I’ve had people stay too long for a bbq i had and I was very irritated.  I can just imagine how {some} white folks feel. I get it, we’ve overstayed our welcome.  So let me, on behalf of us “non-whites” say, we apologize.