White County INJUSTICE Center

Man, have y’all seen this junk.  Meet His Honor, Judge Sam Benningfield of White County, Tennessee.  He signed an order a couple days ago that gives inmates credit towards their time if they undergo birth control procedures.  No joke.  The order offers up to 30 days off for women who gets the Nexplananon implant.  That’s a devise that keeps women sterile for 4-5 years.  Men get time off if they agree to get a vasectomy.  I don’t know what’s crazier.  The fact that this judge is implementing this order or the fact that 70 inmates have agreed to do it.  I guess freedom of choice is one thing.  But if you know anything about Law, you know it’s all based on precedence.  This kind of crap on the books is not only crazy, but its dangerous as hell.  I’d love to ask this man, what in the heck does birth control have to do with rehabilitation of inmates.  Of all the things he could’ve implemented this is the best he came up with?  Not a job training program, not drug rehab, not counseling or anger management….This guy wants to sterilize people.  How do these kind of people get in office and further more, how do they stay there?  People who want to play with society like it’s their own video game.  Click here and read his quotes in the article.  I mean, he really things he’s doing a good thing.  I think he’s preying on people in desperate situation and it’s sickening.  Forget if this is a good idea or not, can someone explain if this is even legal?  This man should be run out of the town with his tail between his legs for doing this to people.  You’re a judge sir.  What the hell are you thinking.  Judge Benningfield, the sheriff, the doctors, and anyone else who is complicit in this charade should be terminated and never allow to hold jobs in civil service again.

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