Yessah Master. Whatever You Say Sir.

This is Dr. Geoffrey Mount Vernon, an emergency room Doctor in Maryland.  He recently published a book called “Home Alive: 11 Must Rules for Surviving Encounters with the Police”.  Like the title suggests, it’s meant to give you rules or tips on how to survive getting pulled over by Police in today’s society.  Let that sink in a minute.

He wrote a book on how to survive getting pulled over by the Police. I get where his heart is but his logic and tips are way outta wack here, in my opinion.  A few of his tips are stuff like “be humble and don’t make any sudden movements.”  I thought those two tips were kind of silly but then he said “don’t look a police officer in the eyes and ask for permission before you move or do anything.”  Seriously Doc?  Don’t look them in the eyes and ask for permission to move.  Those “tips” or “rules” or whatever you want to call them are absolutely asinine.  If you take a look at this interview he did on Sisters4fitness YouTube channel you get even more.  He says that it’s the our job to make the officer feel safe during a stop.  Crazy!  He says that he told his kids that if they’re in the car when he gets stopped then they’ll see him speak and act in a way they’ve never seen before.  Double Crazy!  It seems like the good doctor took a blueprint right out the 1930s.  Don’t look an officer in the eye?  It’s our job to make them feel safe and comfortable?  You’re going to cower down in front of your kids?  Personally, I can’t even begin to understand the logic with this list.  It literally goes against everything I believe as a man.  The really sad part is if you look at the book reviews on Amazon, there are several young black men giving praises on the book.  Click the link and read a few.

The real issue is the mentality of some of these police officers when they encounter anyone who doesn’t look like them.  Instead of attacking the real issue, you wrote a book instructing your people to return to the slave days.  I know I’ve said it a couple times already but what kind of man would tell another man to not look one in the eyes.  These guys who wear the uniform and are sworn to protect and serve this nation’s citizens are supposed to be held to a higher standard of responsibilities that they currently are.  If you “fear for your life” every time you pull someone over, then maybe you should find another job.  Dr. Vernon, you should write a book on how the hiring process for police should be reevalutated.  Or a book about how they can use lethal force whenever they get nervous.  Or maybe even a book about how some of these civil servants should be punished for their actions.  But what’s absolutely unacceptable is you advicing your people to put themselves further into a state of lower class citizenship because some A-hole has a superiority complex.  Our people with a platform need to start doing better with their messages.